Advanced Hybrid has developed the Constantly Variable Transmission with Storage (sCVT). This evolution in CVT technology employs magnetic gears that do not touch or require lubrication. The gearbox also includes a tightly integrated flywheel to store energy from regenerative braking. This approach provides a CVT solution for use in larger, more powerful vehicles, increased efficiency, greater reliability and offers combined hybrid energy recovery in a single transmission unit.

Another application of the sCVT is in Wind Turbine Generators. The sCVT would operate with a variable speed input from the rotor blades then, through its digital controls system, continuously adjust the gear ratio to provide a fixed speed output to the generator. This enables the use of fixed-speed synchronous generators. The ability of the sCVT to control torque independently of power creates the opportunity to provide frequency and voltage ancillary services which will enhance electrical grid stability.

The technology comprises two components

sCVT – Magnetic CVT + Storage

sCVT – Magnetic CVT + Storage

A constantly variable magnetic gearbox with a closely coupled flywheel that acts as an energy storage system

  • Variable input speed with fixed output speed, ideal for wind turbines as it allows for the use of synchronous generators.
  • Able to provide Inertia to the grid from a renewable energy source.
  • Integrated energy storage system for load levelling of input power, increased capacity.
  • Can store energy for potentially feeding additional power into the grid ‘on call’ for frequency correction.
  • Digitally controlled.
  • Inherent reliability with no touching gears or required gear lubrication and overload protection.
  • Greater efficiency, at reduced O&M costs providing increased profitability.


A power quality control software application closely integrated with the sCVT

  • Digital control and adjustment of gear ratios to provide a fixed speed output.
  • Intelligent power quality control to provide reliable, stable and predictable power supply.
  • Frequency correction.
  • Voltage regulation.
  • Increased power quality with associated reduction of losses in an electricity network.
  • Control a network of sCVTs with potential for power quality control with higher network efficiency and reduced losses.

The objective of Advanced Hybrid’s sCVT technology is to reduce costs and improve the reliability and energy yield of power generation infrastructure of wind farms.